Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Sweet Angel

Remembering our girl and sending warmest wishes to all of you. 


  1. Merry Christmas Mandy and Ed. Love to you, Hudson, and the Penguin.

  2. Merry Christmas, Ed and Mandy. What a beautiful video. Thank you.

  3. Merry Christmas -- You are a beautiful family! This video will mean so very very much to the Penguin! You are so wise to keep such a wonderful photographic journal of your beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing. Mariann

  4. Thinking of you and Ed on this day that is so sad, and should be so joyous. May Hudson's spirit be with you as you travel, and may the Penguin squirm and wriggle with merriment and glee in it's warm little cave. Merry Christmas to you all.

  5. Love to you Mandy and Ed, and Merry Christmas. Thinking of you and your girl today, and hoping you are having a wonderful time in Paris.

  6. christmas
    gifts all around
    all awake
    a precedent
    hard and strange
    at the onset
    but each will find
    a better way to love
    so to remain
    what a gift
    the moments we share
    ..when dad told me
    (having spoken to you on christmas day)
    that you really needed that coat
    i could only smile and speak
    of how the history of that coat
    keeps us together
    (on christmas day)
    we are near each other
    while far away
    in absence
    we all felt the presence of
    sister and brother
    aunt and uncle
    i as a brother
    through the depths
    of mourning
    through the wet cold dark
    i find the post christmas morning
    may we easily feel
    the warmth of the sun
    through every veil
    ohh how we may
    and will
    i love you four
    for ever
    as in always
    bring a fifth
    and on
    each and all
    each would help me
    the heaven in the heart

  7. overanalysis
    or simple observation
    this poem is for
    my subjective
    the word daughter
    i meant to write son
    as ed is a great son
    to any father
    so amazing
    so good to feel how
    we know each other
    i love you ed

  8. I have been reading your blog for several months now (1st when you wrote of losing your journal). I am a mom to a seven year old son and I live in SC. I don't comment on blogs. that being said, I also read a site called Babble under the Blog section Home/Work, and a blogger on it, Katie Allison Granju. She lost her 1st born child(17)in May and has 3 other children, the youngest born 5 weeks after the death of her son. As I was reading her blog tonight, after reading yours, I felt compelled to comment. I can't really explain, but I hope you will check out her blog. She also has a personal blog, I hope you've experienced some joy anmd peace in Paris this Christmas. I can not imagine how you must feel and pray to God that I never experience it.

  9. Thinking of y'all this Christmas season.