Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This day of remembrance would not be complete without these wonderful memories of Hudson’s first birthday party. I’m just about worn out from this very emotional day, so I’ll give you some caption highlights where appropriate, but these pictures (and particularly the second video) really do the talking.

Can you tell I love birthdays? Especially my child’s?

Homemade monkey smash cake for the little monkey
(banana cake with chocolate buttercream frosting...yummy)

Homemade birthday hat (courtesy of crafty section at Target)

Homemade monkey cupcakes

The Turtle Pictures
(these stayed strung where you see them for several months;
they now hang in Hudsons playroom)

Birthday girl with Mommy and Grandma
(if you can see, her t-shirt says This Little Monkey is ONE”)

Cool hat, Mom, but I really dont want to wear it... 
No, I dont care if its homemade.”

Singing Happy Birthday” to a kid who has
no clue what is going on=pretty funny

“Oh, you mean I’m supposed to EAT this? Ohhhhhhh!”

Birthday cake chaos with narration (e.g., laughter) by Poppy
(my favorite moment is the face right around 0:33-0:35-- truly priceless)

Augustus Gloop meets Carrie (at the prom)

Happy Birthday, my little monkey.  I wish you were here with red Elmo frosting smeared all over your face, my girl.  These moments will always be some of my very favorites spent with you.  I think you loved them, too.  I love you, sweet girl.


  1. Truly priceless indeed! I also loved the little series of faces at about 0:50-54...such a silly girl! Wow, she really got into the spirit with that cake! Oh, Mandy, I hope you have found some comfort in these gooey, chocolatey, sweet sweet memories...thank you for your posts today and for keeping us updated. I'm sure you were on the minds of many many people today ~ I know you were on mine!


  2. Mandy, that smile! It stops my heart. Such a beautiful girl. Her joy is right here with us still.

    Thinking of y'all today.


  3. I love that second video - such joy! Alistair is right - that kind of joy just doesn't disappear. I hope that these great pictures and videos brought you some comfort today. Once again, more proof that Hudson was loved beyond measure.

    P.S. The homemade hat might be my favorite part. It is precious and clearly made with oh so much love.

  4. Mandy, what wonderful memories of Hudson's 1st birthday these photos and videos bring back. We are so glad to have shared such a special time with you all.

    Our thoughts are with you, Ed and sweet Hudson today.


  5. What a joy! The progression of Hudson's expressions from trepidation to complete enjoyment with the cake is absolutely perfect.

    Happy birthday Hudson. Mandy, I hope that you and Ed were able to celebrate your daughter despite the utter sorrow you feel. My thoughts have been with you all day and remain with your family.

    Lisa S.

  6. so wonderful, Mandy. I love the stills between the video; reads like poetry. I feel like I know Hudson so well through your posts. Hugs and Peace.

  7. Thank you for sharing these. That second video made me laugh and cry at the same time. What a truly sweet, sweet girl!! She was, and is, SO loved!!

  8. What a yummy baby! I just want to grab her and squeeze. I can't imagine how you must ache to hold her.

    As always, thank you for sharing.

  9. I just love these. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face. I thought of your Hudson all week. This week I sent out two packages to newly bereaved mommies and I thought of Hudson as I assembled each one.
    Happy 2nd Birthday, Hudson!

  10. today I am reading your blog and watching these videos with tears in my eyes. My son died 4 months ago today and my cousin died last night. Both had cancer. Your daughter made me smile today. I didn't think that was possible. Thank you.