Thursday, December 23, 2010

30 Days of Thanks—Day #29

After I posted yesterday’s slide show, I realized how lucky we are to have thousands of images of our girl, starting from the day she was born. Our camera has a continuous shot function that basically allows us to take the equivalent of a video in still shots, which means that we were able to capture all of Hudson’s many, many expressions in photos, and as you can tell from the relatively few I have posted on this blog, our child had an incredibly expressive face. Each month, as I culled through the hundreds of shots we took at different times (often that continuous shot function would result in 50 photos from a 30-second timeframe), I had terrible difficulty deciding which ones to pull out to post on Facebook, because to me, they were all different and they were all precious. Even then, I often posted 5 or 10 photos of the same pose because I just could not choose. Now, of course, they are more precious than they should ever be. But I am so grateful that in addition to all my favorite images—the ones I’ve posted here, the ones we have framed all over the house, the ones I keep as the wallpaper on my computer, the ones I use whenever I change my profile picture on Facebook—in addition to all those, I can sit and look through thousands of photos of my girl making thousands of different expressions.

Her beautiful face is indelibly seared into my brain—I can call it to mind any time (in fact, it rarely leaves my mind), but I am so lucky to be able to gaze upon it in all its many glorious forms with the simple touch of a button.


  1. Mandy, my dad always taught us to take tons and tons of pictures. His theory was always that film is cheap, the right picture is priceless. (Back before digital obviously). But out of habit, I still do the same thing.

    But I have a bad habit of picking my favorite, and deleting all the rest. I actually thought about that while watching your slide show yesterday - I have one picture from each of Mary Elliot's monthly photo shoots. How wonderful that you never culled those precious photos, that is certainly One Good Thing.

    Thinking of you, Shelley

  2. Oh what a face..she has not left us and never will..Hudson is and will be forever a part of us..I saw a woman in REI the other day..after I left the store she stayed with me and I thought..was that Ms. Hitchcock? I don't know but god she looked like you and I almost went back in to hug her..peace be with you right now I know it is terrible cause we miss her so much. I know you are grieving..her face what a face..Barbara D. St. Ann's. Merry Christmas from all of us..

  3. I have thousands of photographs, literally. Digital has made me even more ridiculous. The outtakes of my kids are among my favorites. I am so glad you have these photos. Hugs from me.