Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 Days of Thanks—Day #7

Wow. Such an amazing number of things to be grateful for today.

I am grateful for Hudson’s life, and I am so incredibly grateful for the way that her life continues to have such meaning after her death. And as much as I write (and have written today—phew!), I could never find the right words to say how grateful I am to each and every person who did One Good Thing (or more than one) to honor Hudson on her birthday. Your stories, written here and in personal messages to me, are inspiring and heartfelt, and I just want to thank you from the depths of my being for helping Hudson’s light continue to shine in so many ways all over the world. I am, as always, humbled and overwhelmed by the goodness of people. You all give me so much hope, and hope is probably what I need right now more than anything. Thank you so very much. I will never, ever be able to say it enough. 

And I am grateful for each and every person who passed on the link to this blog so that Hudson’s story and lesson could be shared even more widely—the blog has seen 4000 new visitors and 12,000 pageloads since Monday. That is amazing. Another way for Hudson to keep shining.

And I am grateful for all the other messages, blog comments, texts, cards, flowers, balloons, and visits we received today, and all the love, prayers, hugs, thoughts, and good wishes being sent across many, many miles. It was an incredibly emotional day, maybe even more so than I had prepared myself for (and I thought I had really prepared myself), but I felt lifted and uplifted in every minute.

I am grateful that the rain dried up and the sun came out just before we went to the Arboretum to spread Hudson’s ashes.  Hudson shining again. 

And I am grateful just to be here, to have survived the last six months, and to have not only survived this day, but to have lived it just like I wanted to—for Hudson’s sake.


  1. Happy Birthday to a beautiful little peanut... and to a wonderful mommy who's heart is so big and full of love for you my little darling dear....

    Much love to you all....

    Andrea (Raising Peanut)

  2. Thought of you all so many times today. Thank you for letting all of us share in the celebration of Hudson's life. She'll be in my thoughts in many, many trips to the Arboretum - such a perfect place to honor her spirit.

  3. A friend provided me with a link to you blog. I have not read through it yet but I did click on the June 30, The Worst, post. THANK YOU for writing that. Nearly everything you wrote it what has been going through my head since my daughter's unexpected death. Paige died in her sleep slightly over 2 months ago. She was fine on Saturday, Sunday her and her sister were sick and Sunday night it got worse. My husband and I thought about taking her to the ER but decided we'd call the pediatrician 1st thing Monday morning, we never thought the worst would happen. Unfortunately Monday morning was too late. Two months later we still do not know the cause of death and are just trying to get by one step at a time.

    So again, I just wanted to say thank you for writing what you did. I look forward (if that makes any sense) to reading the rest of your blog in hopes that I . I wish nobody the pain and heartache of losing a child but find comfort in knowing I am not alone in what I am going through.

  4. I was hoping to come by last night to give you a big hug in person but, alas, the plan did not come together. Every word you wrote yesterday is beautiful and is testimony to your limitless capacity for hope and healing through rememberance.
    The gorgeous calm evening last night was a perfect way to end a rough (in more than one sense of the word!) day.
    You and Ed were in my dream last night, talking to my parents about Hudson and smiling and laughing. I hope the tidal wave of love that came your way yesterday helps to lift you both up and carry you through these next six months and beyond.