Thursday, December 9, 2010

30 Days of Thanks—Day #15

I am grateful to have the wherewithal to do a little online shopping today, including these little numbers:

And maybe a few more. With 60 days to return stuff, I figure once we find out what the Penguin actually is (probably the first week of January), I can return anything that’s too boyish or girlish. (I’d like to buck gender stereotypes and all that, but part of me still thinks it would just be really unfair to send a little boy to school in a ruffled jumper embroidered with a little girl penguin with a bow in her hair).

As I told my friend, Brooke, who was so sweet to let me know that Gymboree was having a sale today and had all these great penguin items, money certainly can’t take the pain of losing Hudson away, but buying some things for the Penguin was a lot of fun and did help me build up some more excitement for his or her arrival. Brooke was right when she said I will probably have a huge smile on my face when these arrive in the mail. 


  1. Thought of you and your "penguin" today...Janie and Jack has THE CUTEST penguin sweater for a boy...they usually have great sales.

  2. I actually saw the penguin stuff at Gymboree last week and thought of you immediately, of course. I, too, was disappointed that all I saw in the store seemed to be the boy stuff and am glad that they had some girl stuff too. What particularly caught my eye were the little penguin hat and mittens that I thought were unisex and actually thought of buying them for you as a little treat and way to bring a little of penguin's joy to your life sooner rather than later. I'm glad you found it yourself and were able to get excited about buying things. I know buying stuff was one of the things I enjoyed the most when I was pregnant (and still enjoy now for my kids). So glad you found a little piece of happiness today.

    Erica Marcoux (commenting from my husband's google account)

  3. Every year we buy a few new Christmas ornaments for our collection. We like to get ornaments that represent people or things in our life. We got a little beagle ornament the year we got our dog, and a cat ornament the year we had our friends cat with us over the holidays. This year my daughter picked out a pink pig ornament for herself (she is very attached to her pink pig snuggly) and a Charlie Brown ornament for her little brother (she said it had no hair like him). We also got a little stuffed animal penguin for our tree and I told her it was Mandy's ornament. She has no idea who you are (as you have no idea who we are) but she loves to show people the tree and I think it would make you smile to hear her tell people about Mandy's Penguin.

    Thinking of you and your penguin tonight.

  4. I had the biggest smile vicariously shopping with you yesterday! These are precious and one day the Penguin will read this post and recognize these clothes and know the story behind them, which will make them smile. Tell Ed I am sorry to be such a bad shopping influence, but I could not resist encouraging you to buy all of this is just too cute! Love and hugs, Brooke

  5. This post makes my heart sing...Renee P.

  6. Somehow I missed this post with the adorable clothes - good going, Mandy! Some fun anticipation is excellent!

    Love, Rebecca