Friday, December 24, 2010

First (Sort Of) Steps

Hudson took her actual first steps on Thanksgiving Day 2009, a few days before her first birthday. And then for the next four weeks, she showed no further interest in walking whatsoever. Maybe she just decided she wanted to spend a little more time in Mom and Dad’s arms before taking off. But on Christmas Eve, again at her grandma and grandpa’s house, she took some more steps, and this time she meant business. We weren’t ready with the camera right at that moment, but this video was taken the day after Christmas at Poppy’s  (her other grandfather) house.

She was ready to go, as you can see. So proud of herself and excited to explore her new skill.

I miss her so much—all the milestones we’ll never see feel so very heavy right now.


  1. Wonderful. I remain grateful for all of the photos and videos you have of 'our' girl. Thank you, Mandy!


  2. I think near to this time, I am remembering a love feast-style lunch, a sweet little thank you smooch, and then down now - for a typical new walker show: arms up high for balance, wide stance, pivot and circle, stopping for a wobbly balance check, step, step, and then another, forward, forward to keep from falling back...glee, triumph and then..tired.. reaching for Daddy - a short rest and then again!