Monday, December 13, 2010

30 Days of Thanks—Day #19

I am grateful that after a harrowing 30 seconds (that seemed like several hours) this morning, the OB was able to locate the Penguin’s little heartbeat thumping away. I almost cried, I was so relieved (I’m sure that the OB, knowing our history, was probably pretty relieved, too). And I’m grateful that the 20-week anatomy scan (AKA the big boy/girl reveal) is in exactly 3 weeks (mark your calendars for January 3), and that I have a regular OB appointment one week after that, so I won’t have to wait quite as long this go round for an update on how things are going (and I have a week in Paris to distract me). Hopefully, by that time, I’ll be able to feel some movement, and thus will have some indicator that the Penguin is OK during the excruciatingly long four-week wait between OB appointments. (Of course, then begins an entirely different phase of paranoia about whether the Penguin is moving enough. Sigh.)

But today, that whoosh, whoosh, whoosh was the most welcome sound I could have imagined.


  1. Those moments waiting to hear the first whoosh, whoosh, whoosh were always hard and unnerving for me. I can only imagine how it is amplified for you.

    Thinking about you, Ed, Hudson, and the Little Penguin each and every day,
    Lisa S.

  2. Hooray. Celebrating that wonderful sound. I can relate to the worried waiting... a story for another time. But, sending love and hopes for continued relief re: Penguin.

  3. I loved that sound, and am SO relieved that you heard it today...I can understand how much you worried until it was located. (Our 1st pregnancy resulted in miscarriage, so I was a tad paranoid as well!) Glad your visit went well today, and here's hoping the Penguin will have NO modesty on January 3! ;)


  4. Mandy, I'm sure you have heard this too, but I've read that most moms feel the baby move much earlier during the second pregnancy. Hopefully that will be true for you and you'll feel the little penguin sooner than later! Maybe he/she will make his/her first appearance in Paris!

    Allyson L.

  5. Paris! My favorite city on earth! XOXOXO to you, Ed, and Penguin.

  6. The most beautiful sound in the world...
    I bought my own doppler to hear the hb at home-anytime.
    Thinking of you mamma... calendar is marked!

  7. Yay for the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! Glad to hear the Penguin is doing well. Sending you much love!

  8. What an awful 30 seconds to endure... we crossed paths at the hospital yesterday - I went in for another ultrasound since there were some parts of the baby we couldn't see at the 20 week. After living for four weeks with "everything looks fine, but we just want to make sure...", I was hating that little voice in the back of my mind that was dwelling on the "but." Still one view they couldn't get yesterday so I'll be back there in four more weeks to make sure the "but" doesn't have any merit...
    The Penguin will make his/her presence known any day now with airy little flutters and, soon thereafter, lots of kicks and jabs and punches. I can't wait to hear that you're smiling as you witness that little life inside you getting big and strong.

  9. Yay for whoosh, whoosh!

    Thinking of you.

  10. Whoosh on little Penguin! Renee P.

  11. I swear my heart stopped each time I waited for them to find the heartbeat, and then I did cry. Glad everything looks okay so far. Hang in there!