Saturday, November 27, 2010

30 Days of Thanks—Day #3

I am grateful for a few hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep. Since Hudson died, the combination of grief and pregnancy has left me a largely restless sleeper for six months. I don’t have trouble falling asleep at bedtime, but I often wake up around 2AM, have a hard time going back to sleep, and then sleep fitfully the rest of the night, tossing and turning and waking frequently (and worrying that I am keeping Ed awake, too). And I spend a lot of those waking hours letting my mind wander to places it shouldn’t (like the hospital, how we are going to celebrate Hudson’s birthday in a few days, all the things that could go wrong with the Penguin).

Last night, I woke up a few times to go to the bathroom (one of these days, I will stop drinking full glasses of water after 8PM, especially when I am pregnant), but each time, I felt as though I had slept a full night’s worth in a few hours. Maybe it was the long day of cooking, eating, and entertaining little ones, but I slept hard, without dreaming or even moving, it seemed. Each time I woke, I remember feeling thankful for being able to sleep that hard. My poor body needs it badly.

Blessings come in the simplest of packages—I just have to recognize them.


  1. Bless your 30 days of thanksgiving, Mandy. That's something we all could do with - maybe I'll try it too - just for myself when home in Newburyport, after celebrating Thanksgiving in New York City with my family.


  2. For every extra minute you get, some healing is done. I'm thankful every day to have found you. You are an inspiration.
    Hang on.

  3. Good luck with the water thing. I found if I didn't drink a glass before bed then I would wake up at the same time in the middle of the night, but parched instead of needing to use the restroom. I even tried 1/2 a glass of water, and then had to use the restroom and get a glass of water. Keep on drinking. It's good for the penguin. Love, Kirsten L.