Thursday, November 4, 2010


It’s been a better day. I’m getting ready to head to New York City tomorrow to spend the weekend with a high school girlfriend. I’m looking forward to being away for another few days and I haven’t been to New York in ages.  Next weeked will mark the six-month anniversary of Hudson’s death.  I have been thinking about both that and her upcoming birthday constantly for the past few days.  Hopefully some time away will help me recharge and prepare emotionally for the onslaught of the next 2 months. 

Tonight I was working on getting our passports renewed so that we can take a trip during the holidays. The last time I had started working on this was back in the late spring, when we were considering a trip to the Caribbean with Hudson later in the summer. I hadn’t even applied for a copy of her birth certificate yet (still haven’t—I have neither her birth certificate nor her death certificate), so I was getting ready to do that first so that I could then apply for her passport. All the documents were still sitting in a drawer in my desk at work when I went to clean it out in July.

My passport application has an instruction page full of information about what to do if applying for a child.

How I wish I were.


  1. Oh, New York! City like no other! And visiting with a friend of long-standing is so good for the soul. I'm glad you're planning a trip. Some day, before you know it, you will again get out the paperwork to apply for a passport for another little family member...I know the number will always be one short, but good things are in the offing. Hang in there. One foot in front of the other. Hugs.

  2. Have a wonderful time -- NYC, What a great place! I have been in northern Virginia for 10 years now, but there is NOTHING like NYC. And as the above comment says: one foot in front of the other. (((hugs))) Mariann

  3. OOH-that first comment is from me.

  4. Give my regards to Broadway, Mandy!

    Native New YaWKer,


  5. FYI, the New York Marathon is Sunday. Unless you like crowds and watching people run, avoid Third Avenue and Central Park this Sunday. However, Saturday is a fun time to be in Central Park since all the marathon banners, etc. are set up. Finally, if you want any carb laden foods, you'll be hard pressed to find one not busy Saturday night.

    That said, there is more to NY than the park and pasta. Have fun. If you need any suggestions, email me.

    Christine Rogers

  6. Have fun Mandy! Enjoy your weekend away :) xoxo