Thursday, December 20, 2012

Days of Thanks #29

Today I am grateful for the many digital records we made of Hudson's life.  She was here for so very short a time--no photo or video could ever make up for that.  But since we have to go on without her, I am so very glad we have so many ways to remember the time we had with her.  I happened upon this video today on my Facebook timeline.  She was a mere six days old, but when I watch it, I see all of the roots of the spirited personality she ultimately became. 

And when I watch it, I remember a time when I did not know the pain of a child's death.  It is almost impossible to imagine such a time anymore, but this video helps.  My precious, sweet angel.  I miss her so.  I miss every version of her, from the 1-minute-old to the 6-day-old to the 17-month-old.  I miss her so. 

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  1. Look at those legs kicking! Sweet baby girl. Hugs to you, Mandy.