Thursday, December 6, 2012

Days of Thanks #15

Today I am so grateful for my dad.  He has been such a huge help to us throughout this entire time we have been staying with him while our house is under renovation.  He was there for us all summer long during my chemo, right there waiting to hang out with Jackson at every moment when I had to go lay down.  And he's been there for us all fall, with Jackson's repeated sick days when I had to teach and Ed had some work thing to do. 

Today, again, he was there for us.  Jackson woke up with yet another fever and a croupy cough.  Ed was in DC today and I had a project I had to finish up at work before we leave for vacation on Saturday (fingers crossed that this bug will not waylay us), and once again, Dad stepped right in when we needed him. 

Good dads can be hard to find.  I'm grateful for mine. 


  1. I have had to rely on my dad often this past year. I had to push past any "I'm sorry to bother you again" or "I hate to have to ask this of you again" and realize that he lives for the ability to be able to help us. He worked hard to achieve the level of comfort and free time he has. His retirement, to him, means that he is more accessible to us when we need him. Once I realized that our need was not a burden to him, but an opportunity for him to see us and the kids more often, I couldn't help but be thankful for him. I am also grateful that he doesn't live far away.

    I am glad that you have your dad, that he has you, and that he is able to help. The best part, though, is like my dad, yours wants to help and it genuinely brings him joy to be able to.

  2. So grateful for this for you, Mandy. And, grateful for your dad. And grateful for Hudson and Jackson. ~Rachel

  3. It's incredible to have family who will step in (sometimes before we even realize we need help!)
    We don't choose our parents but we can celebrate having really great ones :)