Friday, December 7, 2012

Days of Thanks #16

Today I am grateful for small problems.  We were scheduled to leave tomorrow morning at 7AM for a much-needed week-long vacation in St. John, with little Jackson and big Jackson (my dad) along for the ride.  Yesterday, little Jackson woke up with a fever and cough, and today, a whole 15 hours before we were supposed to take off, he was diagnosed with the flu.  The flu.  Against which he was vaccinated two months ago. 

We cancelled our tickets for tomorrow (and fortunately we bought trip insurance).  If he seems OK, we may decide to rebook for Sunday or Monday (amazingly, the ticket prices haven't gone up astronomically since July). 

I am bummed, for sure.  But all I keep thinking is that there are so many worse things than having to postpone or cancel a very nice vacation.  So many worse things. 


  1. You have such a great attitude, Mandy. I hope that your little guy is feeling better soon and you can take off into the sun.

    Take care,