Sunday, December 9, 2012

Days of Thanks #18

Today I'm grateful for another gorgeous December day, this one spent at the N.C. Zoo.  Jackson seems to have fully recovered from a very mild case of the flu, so we're taking the plunge and flying to St. John tomorrow.  I'm grateful for both of those things, too.  


  1. I'm so glad you are able to salvage the trip and that Jackson is better. Have fun in the sun; you deserve it!

    The kids and I were all vaccinated against the flu this year, yet each of us had it in turn 2-3 months later. My husband, who was not vaccinated, contracted it as well, but his, amazingly, was milder than each of our cases.

  2. Yay that Jackson is feeling better! And, double yay that you will all get to experience the vacation after all!! Many hugs.
    Rachel C.