Monday, December 3, 2012

Days of Thanks #12

Today I am grateful yet again for an unexpected moment with my little boy that I might have found frustrating in days before.  He had trouble settling down for bed with his daddy, and then he woke up 45 minutes later with a bloodcurdling scream.  I went in and picked him up, and he was obviously very upset by something.  I turned on the light for a little while and rocked with him and once he'd settled back down, I turned off the light and put him back in his crib.  He wouldn't let me leave, so I stayed there and sang "You Are My Sunshine" until he seemed to be almost asleep, but as soon as I stopped singing, he started to cry again.  So I laid down next to the crib and put one arm through so he could hold my hand.  Eventually, he let go and turned over to get comfortable and go to sleep.  I was just happy to be there. 

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