Monday, December 19, 2011

Days of Thanks #26

I am grateful for my mom, Carolyn Hudson Hitchcock, who died nine years ago tonight from pancreatic cancer. I wrote about her at length on this day last year, and all I can think to say tonight is how much I wish she and her precious namesake had had the opportunity to know each other in life. And how much I hope that they somehow know each other in death. And more than anything, just like last year, how much I wish they were both here with me this Christmas.

My parents on their wedding day-- December 2, 1972

Christmas 1976-- I am 11 months old.

Mom and me--I'm about 5 years old.

I think I'm nine or ten here.

My beautiful mom

 I think this is the last photo of just the two of us.  Taken around Mother's Day in 2002,
just after she was diagnosed, and about 7 months before she died.


  1. If there is anything I know for certain, it's that Hudson definitely knows her namesake. I have to believe that. Thinking of you.

  2. I'll never forget your mom's contagious spirit and zest for life. Hugs, Sarah

  3. Hudson and your mother are together.

    As a nurse having worked ICU & ER for several years, I have had patients who had 'died' but came back to tell of who they had seen on the other side. It was always their relatives they saw.

    In the recent book "Heaven Is for Real", the child met his grandfather on the other side. He identified him from a photo one day that he found on his Dad's desk. No one asked him if this was who he had seen. His grandfather had died before he was born.

    No doubt in my mind. They ARE together.

  4. I so enjoy how pictures tell a story of love. Thank you for
    sharing these precious moments. Renee P

  5. Love these photos. The baby picture of you sure looks like your kids!

  6. I wish that for you as well.

    I also believe that they are together.


  7. Beautiful pictures! I agree your kids look a lot like you did as a baby!

  8. I read your 2008 tribute to your mother and this one. Relationships between mothers and daughters ARE complex and complicated because we mean so much each other, shape each other, reflect each other and are so close. It is very well possible from the way you describe your mother that she would have found it easier to connect to her grandchildren than her children.

    Women who were for all kinds of reasons reluctant to emotional with their children (because they think they have to discipline them, because the depth of their own emtions overwhelm them, whatever...) can be the warmest, greatest grandmothers on earth.

    I think you can be very sure that your mother and your daughter are together, wherever they are. They belong together, they are connected, and the thread of love and connection runs through you.

    Your mother loved you very, very much, this is totally clear from the pictures.

    I'm sorry you had such devastating losses in your life. You have such a power of words that your darling girl and your loving mother totally come to life in your writing.

    Love is so powerful. I'm certain it is stronger than death.