Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Days of Thanks #13

Today I am grateful for compassionate medical caregivers. After a bad experience with the first pediatric GI specialist we saw (I won’t go into detail because I am trying to just forget about it, but among other problems, she did not return a phone message I left about the treatment instructions she had given me), we saw a different one today, and she was just wonderful. She was compassionate and kind when I told her about Hudson and how I approach medical problems differently now. And she projected total confidence when reassuring me that whatever is going on with Jackson is not serious and doesn’t need any major intervention right now. The most important thing she said was, “Let’s figure out what’s worrying you and focus on that, because I don’t want to overdiagnose or underdiagnose because we’re not paying attention to the right problem.”

Music to this anxious mother’s ears.


  1. So good to find a doctor who listens . . . and hope that whatever is going on with Jackson isn't serious and clears up soon.

  2. Doctors who listen: what a concept! Glad you have one now. Big hugs!

  3. Awesome! I love it. Glad you are feeling assured enough to talk thru it and find the right person to turn to. Glad you are being heard, taken seriously and given time and the deserved attention.

    BTW, Jackson looks SO MUCH like you!