Saturday, December 3, 2011

Days of Thanks #10

This is likely not the last time I will write about him, but I am so grateful for Ed. I am grateful for him for countless reasons, but today, I’m grateful for him because he takes incredibly good care of me. We became vegetarians a few months ago, and we’ve been handling that transition pretty well, but recently, I’ve had to give up dairy, too. Jackson has been having some GI issues that we are trying to figure out, and one of the GI doc’s theories is that he has a milk protein allergy, so we’re eliminating dairy from my diet for the time being to see if it solves the problem. That transition has been a little tougher, as you can imagine. But last night, Ed tried really hard to make me a dairy-free vegetarian meal that I’d really like—the result was some excellent veggie burritos that were so good, I didn’t even miss the cheese. And tonight, when I wasn’t feeling well (I don’t know what, but I suspect it’s the cumulative weight of this week finally settling in on me), he went all the way downtown to get me some avocado rolls.

Ed and I have made a practice of thanking each other for things we do for each other—laundry, cooking, cleaning, dropping off the dry cleaning, getting the baby to sleep, getting up early with the baby—all the mundane things without which our life together would not really work. It’s these little things that help form the foundation for the great big thing that is our family and expressing our gratitude to each other for them helps cement it all together.

Picking up sushi may seem like a small thing, but it’s a great big thing to me, and I’m so grateful for it. Thank you, sweet Ed, for taking such good care of me.


  1. I love Ed, and I love you two together.

  2. Though I don't know Ed, I ditto what Liz said. You two together are amazing and beautiful!
    Rachel C.

  3. You and Ed deserve each other, and you both deserve all the happiness there can be.

  4. So lovely to read that you both take care of each other, hope you're feeling a little better Mandy. Thinking of you,

  5. We do the Thank You's in our household too and it goes such a long way. Love you both. I miss you before you're gone. Renee P.

  6. I love Ed too because he does take such good care of you.....and my grandson!


  7. So very glad you have Ed, because I know what a huge difference it makes to have a husband who takes good care of his wife. So many blessings flow from a relationship like that!