Monday, December 5, 2011

Days of Thanks #12

I am grateful for progress. Yesterday, I wrote about how, during our Christmas tree hunt and photo shoot on Saturday, I was momentarily paralyzed by grief over Hudson’s absence and guilt over having so much fun without her. But unlike times past, I recovered quickly and was able to enjoy the rest of our trip. I wrote a while ago about how my friend Sara had shared with me that in the wake of her son’s death and the birth of two more children, she’s had to learn not necessarily to ignore the grief, but to make it wait, to put it aside for the moment while she enjoys the life right in front of her. Saturday is the first time I can think of where I was conscious of actually doing that. A baby step, to be sure (particularly since the rest of the weekend went rather downhill), but I have to start somewhere.


  1. Still more hugs.

  2. Sara is a wise woman.

    Yes - we need to seize the moment. Seize what is in the here and now or we run the risk of losing those precious moments as well.

  3. As with real baby steps, you are wobbly at first and stumble and can't do much at a time, but that you took that step is huge. I'm sorry the rest of the weekend was hard.

  4. Great advice. Jackson deserves his own life, not in the shadow of his sister.