Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Days of Thanks #14

Today, I’m grateful for this little boy right here. This little smile. Those little teeth. Those chubby little hands on the sides of my face. Those fat fingers that love to pat things. The giggle that comes up out of that little tummy. The cry that comes out of that little heart when I leave him alone for too long. That hungry little mouth, even when it is still hungry every two hours at night. Those strong little arms that are just now learning to pull that little boy forward in an army crawl. 

This precious creature, a gift that I did nothing to deserve.

*Photo courtesy of Emily Large Photography


  1. Darling, darling photo.


  2. oh Mandy, how beautiful your words and your little sunshine...he is perfect. It's a good thing we don't have to do anything to deserve such blessings. Allyson got the all clear from the cardiologist today and I have had a grateful heart all afternoon. My sweetheart has a healthy heart! Hope there is lots of magic in your Christmas season. Best wishes to each of you.
    Love, Helen

  3. Jackson is so very cute. Great picture!

  4. GREAT photo! He is so beautiful.

  5. Just looking at him makes me chuckle...he is the absolutely most adorable child and it makes me so happy to know the joy he has brought to you and Ed. Love and kisses to you all!


  6. Perhaps you did nothing to deserve him, but you deserve this joy nonetheless. The Universe owes you.
    He is the MOST adorable baby boy on the planet, I feel sure. Great photo of your precious gift.

  7. Such a precious little baby boy!