Thursday, March 3, 2011

These Kids of Mine

I had another panicky day with little Jackson today. Either he has just not settled into a movement pattern, or the anterior placenta is just really screwing with my ability to feel it whenever he does move. I’ve read a lot online about women’s experiences with an anterior placenta, and it seems like what I’m encountering is pretty common, so I’m just trying to take comfort in that. But after a day like Tuesday, when I felt him move practically all day, today I barely felt him move at all, only in brief spurts that were few and far between. So by the end of the day, I was pretty worried again, imagining all kinds of terrible things that I really don’t even want to write about.

Even though I wanted to stay home, lie on the couch, and concentrate on feeling him move, tonight was my last sewing class, so I made myself go. It was a patterns class, but I had already finished Jackson’s shorts, so I asked the instructor if she could show me how to do appliqués tonight instead. She enthusiastically agreed. I had brought the leftover crab fabric from the shorts, but she wanted me to practice on something else first. She has tons of plastic storage boxes full of remnants, in all kinds of fabrics—knits, cotton, linen, rayon—you name it, and she has something. She went to grab one from the top of the cottons box, and I’m not kidding, y’all, this is the fabric she pulled out and brought over to me:

Immediately, I was bathed in that sense that Hudson was right there with me, again, telling me that it was gonna be okay. It was all I could do to keep myself from bursting into tears of gratitude. I choked them down and just said, “Wow. I can’t believe that. Turtles are really special to us, so…”

The teacher had me do a few practice appliqué pieces on some spare muslin she had, showing me two different ways to use the interfacing, first with raw edges, and second with finished:

And then I made a onesie to match Jackson’s shorts:

I still have to work on sewing around curves so that I can appliqué more than just boxes like this, but I am so glad to have learned this skill. I don’t think I will be ready to tackle sewing actual shirts together for a long time, so knowing how to make cute, personalized onesies to match all the pants I’m going to be making will come in very handy.

She let me keep the rest of the turtle fabric. I’m busy deciding how to use it for Hudson’s sweet little brother.  How grateful I am to them both.  How very much I love them both.


  1. Wow...there are no coincidences! What a great message from your girl...


  2. Hi, Hudson! We know you're waving' at Mama.

  3. How amazing. Not to mention, you did a great job on that onesie. Jackson is going to be stylin'.

    I thought the same thing as the previous poster--"Hi, Hudson."


  4. Believe them Mandy and push the worry far away...I know, easier said than done. What great kids you have...xoxoxoRenee P.

  5. I love the turtle fabric, it's beautiful. I'm glad you felt Hudson's presence with you.

    The little onesie is so sweet too. Jackson is going to have a beautiful wardrobe.

    I also have an anterior placenta and I'm sure that it is kind of 'muffling' the baby's movements. When I was expecting the twins, both their placentas were anterior too so I've never known any different. Was Hudson's on the 'normal' side? I'm sure I'd worry more if I had ever had a pregnancy the 'right way round'!

  6. She's definitely trying to stay in touch with you. So very cool. And Tucker (or maybe I mean me) is super jealous of Jackson's wardrobe! :)

  7. Bless sweet Hudson-- wherever else she is, she seems still to be with you in any way she can. Hope Jackson picks up his gymnastics today!

  8. Really adorable...
    I just wanted to pop in and let you know I was thinking of you...

  9. Did you see the turtle in UNC's promo during the big game last night? The ad features a papier mache globe highlighting UNC's work all over the world. There's a bit about environmental research that features a paier mache sea turtle. Always a Tar Heel!!!

  10. You are quite talented, Mandy! Wonder if a clothing line would be as rewarding and profitable as being an attorney? ;) I continue to be amazed at your strength to communicate, as well as your passion and creativity for crafts and other activities where you can really spend time with Hudson. It sounds like you've found a private, healing space where you can breathe deeply and let your emotions flow through your creativity. Beautiful work!