Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Flight

We flew to Vegas on Southwest. When we got back to BWI, I was flooded with memories of Hudson’s first trip on an airplane. She was four months old. It was April of 2009. We had driven down to North Carolina where Hudson met her Aunt Laura and many cousins for the first time. Ed had to come back early, so I flew home alone with Hudson on Saturday night. We came back Saturday night instead of Sunday because our Tar Heels were playing in the national semi-final against Villanova, which I had to watch with Ed, of course.

Hudson and I were both in full Tar Heel regalia.  I remember I watched some of the Michigan State-UConn game in the RDU airport before we had to board the plane. Hudson got a certificate for her first flight from a Southwest flight attendant, which I thought was such a nice touch. She was perfect on the short flight to BWI. I nursed her during takeoff and landing, as I had read I should do to help her with any pain due to pressure in her ears. The rest of the time, she was totally chill—either asleep in the Ergo or sitting quietly in my lap.

My little monkey. I wish I had so many more opportunities to fly with you, including long into the future, when we’d have taken mother-daughter trips to faraway places and brought back souvenirs for your daddy and siblings. I miss you so much, sweetest.

Here are a few pictures from that trip, and of course, of us on her first flight.


  1. I can't imagine all the layers of emotion you are feeling-- to be able to heal a little means to leave some things behind-- and that opens a new well of grief. Hang in there. Here's to hoping for more good moments than bad.

  2. It makes perfect sense to me that you felt further away from Hudson when you traveled. Your home is your cocoon, where Hudson lived and loved. Las Vegas means nothing to her, or to you in relation to her.
    I hope the moments of happiness for you and Ed come closer and closer together.
    Hugs from a distance,

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  5. My baby didn't get a first flight certificate! Good for Hudson! I'm jealous!

  6. Wow, Hudson was just a yummy dumpling...I'm so so sorry, Mandy.

    Praying you guys find the journal.


  7. What a beautiful little girl. I am hoping and praying you find Ed's special journal. xo