Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dandelions Are Back

And they are everywhere.  Yet this was the only one in our yard on Sunday afternoon. 

Just like the one I saw on the back sidewalk last July, this one made me think of my girl.

Really, every dandelion I see now makes me think of her. And like so many other things, it is always bittersweet. We are coming up on a year since we lost her, and the new dandelions remind me that she was just learning how to blow the fuzz off of them when she died.

And yet the fuzz blowing away in the wind, scattering new dandelions near and far to make me of sweet Hudson, is a tangible reminder of the way that her little spirit continues to spread so much joy and light and love, despite being permanently separated from her beautiful and vivacious little body.

A lovely image, isn’t it? But of course, I want her here. She would have mastered her technique by now—rather than just animatedly spitting on the fuzz, she would be able to actually blow it into the wind.

How I would love to see that.


  1. It is a beautiful image to think of Mandy.. I will think of Hudson when I see these puffy balls of fluff poking up through the grass...

  2. Now I will forever think of our Hudson when I see the dandelions. The spitting way it the best!!

  3. I wish so much you could have her with you, too.

  4. I am in agreement with Ginny that the spitting way was the best and cutest. I can so picture her, Mandy, your precious girl with dandelions. I can imagine her blowing out candles on cakes - a bit messy, heartfelt and proud!
    Love to you, Jackson, Ed and always to Hudson's sweet spirit which lives on in us all. Thank you.
    Love, Rebecca

  5. We picked some this past weekend, and I thought of Hudson. Thinking of you all today and always. Love, Kate Z

  6. Oh, Mandy. I'm so sad for you today. I'm very sorry that you can't see her blowing the fuzz from those dandelions. How can that be? I will think of her beautiful spirit whenever I see one. Lots of love to you.

  7. Thinking of you today and always, Mandy.


  8. Mandy, I never met Hudson yet I think of her when I see the dandelions too. How's that for evidence of how far her "fuzz" has spread?

    Hugs to you,
    Ashley D.

  9. I agree with Ashley D. Though we don't have any dandelions up here in New England yet, you can be sure that the first one I see will remind me of Hudson.

    And more evidence of how far her "fuzz" has spread (I love that image!) - my roommate's middle name is Hudson, and she has always said offhand that she would name a son Hudson. I told her that I "knew" a girl named Hudson, and she was surprised to hear it for a girl's name. However, she seemed to immediately like the idea of Hudson for a girl. We're only 24 and a long way from having children, but I just wanted to offer this as some evidence that Hudson's spirit will continue to live on. We will all keep telling her story. Again, thank you for sharing her.