Monday, November 26, 2012

Days of Thanks #5

I am so grateful for the light in Jackson's eyes and the delight in his voice when he sees me at the end of his day at school.  There's very little that can beat the excited "Mommy!" out of his mouth as he drops whatever he is doing and comes tumbling over to hug me.  And when he puts that head down on my shoulder...  well, most of you know the rest on that one.  Tonight, before Ed put him to bed, I asked him for a hug, and he willingly obliged and then went back to his daddy.  And then he leaned over to come to me again, and I said, "I'll take all that you'll give me sweet boy," and I held him tight for a moment, not a long moment, but long enough. 

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  1. Oh, Mandy. It is something, isn't it? That happiness when their eyes fall upon us and any stresses of the day (week? Month?) fall away because their love is so genuine, so unencumbered by, well, anything. It's odd. I am so happy that Jackson gives you the comfort of his head upon your shoulder. And yet, I know the significance of that gesture/position so I know you must temper the joy of his doing so with the remembrance of Hudson's not (until she was ill.) I just...words fail right now. Much love to you, Ed, and Jackson.