Sunday, November 25, 2012

Days of Thanks #4

I am grateful that my 18-month-old (I have an 18-month-old-- for a while, it seemed I might never be able to say that) is already developing a keen appreciation of the wonders of the outdoors.  Ed took him outside this evening at the tail end of sunset, when just a touch of light remained on the horizon and a few stars already shone in the sky.  When they came back inside, Jackson kept saying, "Outside!  Stars!" over and over until we took him back out again.  This continued for several trips back out into the chilly night until it was finally time to eat.  With this kind of beginning, I so look forward to the amazing life we will share together. 


  1. I remember, way too long ago, how you mentioned Hudson's love of the outdoors. It's why I always think of her when I see dandelions and sometimes still imagine hearing her voice saying aipane. I am thankful that you have an 18 month old, bittersweet as it is (while still wholly joyous, I know.)

  2. I read a blog post this morning titled "The Gratitude of Parents" and loved this sweet sentence -
    "Days are brighter, food tastes better, old music sounds interesting again and all because you’re sharing your baby's first contact with everything."
    It may not be Jackson's first contact with everything, but his jubilant appreciation for outdoors definitely invigorates :)

  3. Oh, and my girls fall asleep with this every night -

    C'mon, a turtle with stars shooting out of it?!?