Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Love...

... that no matter what I look like, long hair, short hair, purple hair, no hair, to you, I’m just Mommy.


  1. That last photo warms my heart so much. You, your boy, and your little girl peeking through from behind. I love it!

    Ps. Did I mention you look FAB with that hair? Because you do. :)

  2. That video is precious -- Jackson is SO SMART! He knows it's you, immediately his eyes go to the purple hair and that is what has his attention -- so cute!!!!! Mariann

  3. He is so precious! And I love that the picture of Hudson is in the background.

    I also love love love the mohawk. Screw cancer!

  4. Second comment today...

    That last picture, just incredible.

    I read your other post earlier on and was thinking about it all day. This haircut makes you look fierce and powerful. It looks so awesome on you, Mandy, it really does.

    Take care,

  5. Oh my goodness that was so so very sweet!

  6. Oh my word, that was the cutest video ever! So sweet!