Tuesday, June 12, 2012

“I Love…”

I was doing such a great job using a “Baby’s First Year” calendar to keep track of Jackson’s milestones and things that we wanted to remember about his babyhood. Then two things happened. I was diagnosed with cancer (and all hell broke loose), and the calendar ran out of pages.

Every day, he does new and funny things that I want to remember, but I only just came up with a good way to do it: the blog. I am going to start writing quick little posts about all of Jackson’s silly mannerisms and other things I want to be able to look back on someday, including photos. Blogger now has a mobile app, so this should be pretty easy.

Inspired by this wonderful post by a mommy blogger (which is a must-read if you are a parent), I’m going to call these posts “I Love…”

To start with several things I’ve had on my mind the last few days…

I love to watch you determinedly follow Bess back and forth across the room six times in a row, hoping she’ll stop running away from you.

I love to watch you learning to use signs to tell me what you want, including the signs for “Eat,” “More,” and “Milk.”

I love to watch you gently hit yourself in the head when we get to the part in “Five Little Monkeys” where one falls off and bumps his head (and oh, how this reminds me of your big sister, who loved to do the very same thing).

I love the way you grab my face and pull me close for kisses.

I love how you used to refuse to try to walk unless someone was holding both your hands, and now you always insist on holding only one, working so hard on your balance with the other.

I love how when you play peekaboo, you put your hands over your ears instead of your eyes.

I love listening to you babble.

I love how single-minded you are when you are trying to do something. 

I love you, my sweet boy. I hope that one day you will enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy the things that inspire them.


  1. Mandy, I love this list and this practice. I realize how much I have forgotten when I find something I've written—and what I've written is scattered between my blog and my journal and the baby journal and the motherhood journal and the writing notebook and random files on my computer. Enjoy your boy and later enjoy remembering all these precious moments that seem like they will always stick, but don't.

  2. I feel quite blessed that you linked to my post so that I could come here and read your incredible story, your powerful words, and be inspired by you. You are a beautiful mother whose love for her children radiates through her words. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience. I will be sending peace and love your way, dear one.

  3. Mandy, thank you for sharing this. I think I am going to follow your lead and post things on my own blog that I love. I don't want to forget the small moments that are the most amazing thing of being a parent. Thank you for sharing a way to remember them.