Saturday, July 17, 2010

Give Them Back To Me

I should be hoping, but I can’t stop thinking

Of all the things we should’ve said,
That were never said.
All the things we should’ve done,
That we never did...

Oh, darling, make it go,
Make it go away.

Give me these moments back.
Give them back to me.*
Hudson - May 046Hudson - May 084Hudson - May 049Hudson - May 037 IMG_1431IMG_1910
Hudson - May 001IMG_1999
*Kate Bush, This Woman's Work


  1. Argh. I hate Blogger's photo- and video-posting capabilities.

  2. Those pictures are so precious. What a beautiful smile.

  3. This sad poem is heartbreaking, especially when paired with the amazing, happy, exhilarating photos.

    But I read the poem as speaking about regret - of things that weren't said or done for some reason that was under the writer's control: anger or misunderstanding or conflict, perhaps.

    You, however, lived those 17 months to the fullest. You gave everything. You loved fully. You showed Hudson a good time and it shows so clearly in these photos.

    I regret the future you can't look forward to because you were so cruelly robbed -- in a way completely out of your control -- and that makes me frustrated and angry and very sad and worried about your well being.

    But I know you can look back on those 17 months with the greatest of pride and no regrets. The photos prove it.

  4. Shawn-- You are right about the original meaning of this song (it's a beautiful song--if you've never heard it, you should take a listen). It is one of many songs that have taken on a different meaning for me since Hudson died-- now it is about regrets for our lost future with her, which is what I was thinking about when I posted this. Thanks, as always, for your kind thoughts.

  5. Oh dear. Please PLEASE tell me you are not listening to that song. *I* can barely ever listen to that song, it's so heart-rending. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

  6. Love love love these pictures.

  7. These photos are simply pure happiness caught on film. I love them. And I'm sorry because I know it's the future you miss. xoxo