Thursday, May 17, 2012

TEAM STRONGER: Sweetening the Pot

So I’ve already heard from several folks that they are registering with TNT for the Wilmington YMCA Triathlon or checking out TNT in their home states. Including my big sister, who is 46 years old and has never done a race of any kind in her life. I am incredibly excited about what I am going to call “TEAM STRONGER” and I hope even more of you will sign up!

In case you need some more inspiration, I’ve decided to have purple wristbands made that say “Screw Cancer/One Good Thing” to mail to anyone who signs up with TNT this summer. So if you decide to sign up and would like a bracelet, please send me an email (see sidebar) with your name and address and let me know which event you have signed up for (so I can tell everyone else!) and your address so I can send you a bracelet.

During my cancer treatment, I am taking a hiatus from my regular Hudson-teal toes and instead keeping them purple (the color for Hodgkin’s awareness and TNT). I think she’d be OK with that.

(The toe ring, a turtle, of course, is a Mother’s Day gift from Jackson. 
According to his card, all the cool moms are wearing them.)


  1. Toes look great, and I love the turtle. :)
    thinking of you.

  2. Cute feet, great ring, and you, as always...rock and are awesome.

  3. Love that purple color and the turtle ring!

    I actually signed up for a TNT triathlon in Ohio earlier this week. If I lived closer to NC, I would definitely sign up with you all. I'll email you my information for a bracelet. I'm sure it will help me complete the course!

  4. The toes and turtle look gorgeous Mandy, have been thinking of you too. Hope this is a good week, take care x

  5. Your toes are so pretty Mandy, gorgeous feet!