Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Years

Five years ago today, I was fortunate enough to marry the best man I have ever known. On this day last year, we were not even four months out from Hudson’s death. The world still looked very dark. I reflected on our wedding vows, focusing on this line in particular:

No matter what those seasons may bring, I promise to walk beside you.

And I expressed hope for our future, hope that the dark days would give way to brighter ones, just like the tropical storm that tore up our wedding site gave way to a beautiful wedding day.

A year later, we are still here. And our days are brighter. The universe has tested our bond in the one of the worst possible ways and it has held. Not only has it held, it has grown even deeper and created our Jackson, yet another amazing manifestation of our love.

Happy Anniversary, my dearest Ed. I’ve never been more grateful for you than I am today. I love you.


  1. tears... your amazing spirit is shining through, making the world a more amazing, reflective, peaceful, joyful, appreciative, loving place... celebrating you two (and your family) from afar.
    rachel c.

  2. No wonder Hudson and Jackson are special kids- they have special parents. What a wonderful example of love and partnership that you and Ed set for them. Congratulations to you both on five years.

  3. Happy Anniversary my friend....

  4. This photo is breath-taking.

  5. I'm so glad you have each other to walk with through your journey.