Thursday, June 2, 2011


I just rocked Jackson in the rocking chair in his and Hudson’s room for the first time. It was bedtime, and I sang “Hark the Sound” to him. Looking around the room, it all felt so very familiar. But Hudson wasn’t there.

Oh, how my heart aches from it all.


  1. Was just looking at this beautiful blog and my little 8 yr old came over and we looked at those beautiful photos of baby Jackson with his family. My son thought he was "pretty cute" and we loved the photo of him "smiling" with his toys. Am so pleased he's feeding and sleeping well for you right now. I can relate to the anxiety too, we checked and doubled checked in the beginning too. Think it's probably normal, considering your circumstances. Go easy on yourself, and take baby steps. I don't wish to be presumptuous in any way, but I think Hudson must be there with you. How could she be anywhere else but with you and her baby brother. Enjoy these special days, thinking of you all. Kell

  2. You do a phenomenal job of recognizing the sting of deja vu, of acknowledging the lump in your throat but not letting either overpower you. Your words about Jackson are bursting with adoration for this sweet little creature - so happy he's here.

  3. So sorry. Just hugs.


  4. Mandy, my heart swells and breaks for you.