Friday, May 9, 2014

Bubbles for Hudson

It’s become so that I know when May is near, even without paying attention to the calendar. The world begins to turn a different color. I begin to feel almost as if I’m looking through a fish-eye lens—my perspective becomes distorted, and it’s difficult to see clearly that which is straight in front of me.

But this May opened differently than in years past. This May, I was given a chance to share Hudson’s story in a new and amazing way, and it changed me forever.

And as a result, I’ve never felt more keenly how precious and wonderful and necessary it is for us to blow bubbles for our girl on yet another anniversary of her death. I’ve never felt more keenly the need to send her spirit forth to make bring people together, to make a child giggle, to lighten someone’s burden, to bring beauty into an ugly place.

This ritual began at her memorial service as a sweet and suitable tribute to the life of a cherished child gone too soon. But it has become, for me, one of the most important rituals in our family’s life. I’ve written before that while I’m no longer religious, the definition of the word “sacrament” from the Book of Common Prayer has stuck with me—a sacrament is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. For me, these bubbles we blow every year on May 13 have become the most lovely outward and visible sign of the inward and spiritual grace that is our steadfast effort to keep our girl alive in the hearts and minds of all who knew her and of many, many others who didn’t.

So please join us again, as so many of you have in years past, in remembering Hudson’s too-short but uncommonly beautiful life by blowing bubbles wherever you are on May 13. If you are so inclined, please take and share photos on the Bubbles for Hudson Facebook page. You can also use the hashtag #bubblesforhudson. Please also feel free to invite anyone who could use a little Hudson joy, either by sharing this blog entry or the Facebook event page.

As always, we are so grateful to everyone who helps us remember our girl in this very special way. Thank you.

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