Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bubbles for Our Hudson

It is May 8.

One year ago today, I had my first chemotherapy treatment to rid my body of cancer. A sad memory with a very happy outcome.

Three years ago today, we spent our last day with a happy, healthy Hudson before she woke up with a fever late in that night. A happy memory with a very sad outcome.

This life. This is this life. This is our life. The happy before the sad. The sad before the happy. The sad-happy. The happy-sad. The awful-and-the-beautiful-and-the-all-mixed-up-and-everything-in-between.

It seems only fitting that today, we invite anyone and everyone to join us on Monday, May 13, in what has become our annual custom of blowing bubbles to remember and celebrate Hudson’s life as we honor the anniversary of her death. As I have said so many times before, the only consolation I have after losing Hudson is knowing how much of an impact her life continues to have. And watching so many people in places all over send up these little bits of her spirit, these little bubbles of Hudson-joy out to a world that needs it so much, brings me so much comfort and peace.

If you join us in bubble-blowing, we would love for you to share your photos on the Bubbles for Hudson Facebook page, or, if you would rather, you can email your photos directly to me, and I can post them there (or you can feel free to ask me not to share them, too). Please also feel free to invite anyone else you think might benefit from a little Hudson-joy to join us, either by sharing this blog entry or inviting them to the Facebook event. 

I am so grateful that we stumbled upon such a beautiful ritual, one that began at her memorial services and will now continue until we are no longer. And I am so grateful for each and every one of you who helps us remember her in such a special and fitting way. Thank you.


  1. We're going all out, Mandy, and bringing our bubble blaster to St. Ann's on Monday evening. It is IMPOSSIBLE to think sad thoughts when you're squealing with delight over a blizzard of bubbles swirling around you (er, I mean when the children squeal with delight... oh, who am I kidding?) Yes, there's a place for our sad thoughts but Monday we're blasting them away for a moment or two :)

  2. You know your St. Ann's family will have all the children in the yard blowing our bubbles. I will send you pictures. Thinking of you all..always. Barbara