Sunday, January 29, 2012

More of One Good Thing

So often on a daily basis, I find myself thinking of Hudson, seeing something that reminds me of her, feeling her presence. And so often these days, I find I have less and less time to sit down and write a proper post about these moments. Many times, I just want to acknowledge or remember the moment, without necessarily needing to process it or write about it at length. For a time, I was just sending myself emails when this happened, but it occurred to me that Twitter might be another way I could collect these snippets of thought and memory so that I can go and look at them whenever I want, and I can share them with anyone else who might be interested in hearing more about what this journey of grief is like on a daily basis. So feel free to follow me at @onegoodthings: 

I’ve also included a widget with recent tweets here on the blog.   

For me, this is just another way to stay connected to my girl. And that is surely One Good Thing.


  1. Hi Mandy. Love this idea. I've been thinking of you (as always) and look forward to following @onegoodthings.

  2. I'll be reading in the box you have here on the blog... xo!

  3. Me too, hope Jackson's feeling better, take care, Kell